Hall of Fame - Any club member with a dog in excess of 10 Master Passes

Hall of Fame - 1998

Candlewoods Yellow Flower MH - Bill Butikus

Hall of Fame - 2000

Blindfaith's Renegade MH - Bill Butikus

Hall of Fame - 2008

HRCH Ten Bear's Hot Rod Lincoln MH - Bill Butikus

HRCH Ten Bear's Dreamcatcher MH - Bill Butikus

Hall of Fame - 2009

Drake's Bay Real Deal Lucille MH - Mark Parman

Hall of Fame - 2010

Pine Acres On The Go Ruger - Jan Rouch

Hall of Fame - 2011

Blindfaith's Burt Becker Magnum - Chris Sausman
HRCH Maple Creek's Captain Morgan MH, QAA - Bill Butikus
Sunny Acres Nine Shots of Jaeger - Renee Fite
Wolf's Indy - Joe & Deb Wolf

Hall of Fame - 2013

S&Y Sunrise Ringneck Winger MH - Jason Shuler

Hall of Fame - 2014

Wolf's Diamond MH - Deb Wolf
Grizzly's Scooter Magee MH - Dan Tyner

HRCH Blind Faith's True Spirit MH, QAA - Bill Butikus

Hall of Fame - 2016

Pinebrook's to the Moon MH - Chris Cornelius



Sunshines Lil Spirit of Sunny Acre MH - Renee Fites
Trinity's Riptide Ribbon Reaper MH - Tierra Robinson
Trinity's Blue Moon Rising MH - Tierra Robinson
Diamondback's Black Hawk's MH - Tierra Robinson
HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH CGC TDI - Tierra Robinson
HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide River Rush MH MNH - Tierra Robinson

Hall of Fame - 2017

Marsh Mutt's Locked N' Loaded MH - Chris Cornelius

Gunshots Three Point Play - Andy Geigold

Blind Faith's Ten Comandments MH - Bill Butikas

HRCH Three Points Black Magical Maggie MH - Dave Lundgren

HR Kingseeds Handfull of Joy MH QAA - Dave Lundgren

Hall of Fame - 2018

Marsh Mutt's Cyclone Sadie MH - John Neidermeyer

Hall of Fame - 2021

Wolf's Ruby MH - Deb Wolf