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Hall of Fame - Any club member with a dog in excess of 10 Master Passes
OR 6 Master Passes and a Master National Pass OR 4 Master Passes and a Master Amatuer Pass OR 15 HRC Finished Passes.
You must receive all passes as a Club Member in Good Standing to qualify.


Bittersweet's Classic Jazz MH - Ray Weaver

HRCH MacSom's Mecan River Tyler MH - Tood McLaughlin

Bulls Eye-Double or Nothin' MH - Mike & Lynn Bingaman


Candlewood Yellow Flower MH - Bill Butikas


Blindfaith's Renegade MH - Bill Butikas

DM's Royal Chesap Nestle Qik - Daphne Black

Blindfaith's Mindy's Miss Molly MH - Bruce Foster

Lilly of the Field MH - Mike & Lynn Bingaman

Grassy Creek Casey MH/WCX - Blake Lemish


Pine Acres Jim's Bridger MH - Jim Keldsen

Pine Acres Powder Keg MH - Jim Keldsen

Tia-Dek's No Trump MH - Ed & Theresa Kucan

Buckwheat's Big Splash MH - Bryan Urgonski


Wing Watcher Canvasback MH - Mike & Lynn Bingaman

Wizard's Little Guenevere MH - Jackie Working

Marsh-Mutt's Boot Scootin Cuda MH - Chris Cornelius


Gunshot Acres N Niner Full MH - Mel Culler

Pine Acres Indiana Blackfoot MH - Jim Keldsen


Pine Acre's Webfoot Winger MH - Mark Parman


Pine Acre Wetlands Gunner MH - Jan Rusch

Marsh-Mutt's Let 'em Rip MH - Chris Cornelius

Grassy Creek Magic Maggie MH - Blake Lemish


CH Feather Haven's Tides of Serenity MH - Daphne Black

Bry-Wyn's Quest for Gold MH - Wendy Nugent

Grassy Creek Electric Ellie MH - Blake Lemish



Grassy Creek's Sassy LLL Sidney MH - Blake Lemish

Ten Bears Dream Catcher MH - Bill Butikas

Ten Bears Hot Rod Lincoln MH - Bill Butikas


Marsh Mutt's Super Tikka MH - Chris Cornelius

Drake's Bay Real Deal Lucille MH - Mark Parman

Cricket's Sur-Shot Remington MH - Jan Rusch


Pine Acres On-The-Go Ruger MH - Jan Rusch

S&Y Sunrise Paige of Dreams MH - Steve Lechleidner


Wolf's Indy MH - Deb Wolf

Blind Faith's Burt Becker Magnum MH - Bill Butikas

Sunnyacres Nine Shots of Yeager MH - Renee Fites

HRCH Maple Creek's Captain Morgan MH - Bill Butikas


Top Knobs Willow Run Wrigley MH - Chris Sausman

S&Y Sunrise Ringneck Winger MH - Jason Shuler

NIT Triple Threat MH - Jim Roussel


HRCH S&Y Sunrise Top Dollar MH - Rob Harris

Grizzly's Scoot Magee MH - Dan Tyner

Blind Faith's True Spirit MH - Bill Butikas


Wolf's Diamond MH - Deb Wolf


GRHRCH River's Edge Been in Trouble MH - Mike Trible

Sunshine's Lil Spirit of Sunny Acres MH - Renee Fites

Pinebrook's to the Moon MH - Chris Cornelius

Trinity's Riptide Ribbon Reaper MH - Tierra Sloan

HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide River Rush MH MNH - Tierra Sloan

Diamondback's Black Hawks MH - Tierra Sloan

HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH - Tierra Sloan

Trinity's Blue Moon Rising MH - Tierra Sloan


HRCH Black Magical Maggie MH - Dave Lundgren

HR Kingseed's Handfull of Joy MH QAA - Dave Lundgren

HRCH Blind Faith's Ten Commandments MH - Bill Butikas

Gunshot's Three Point Play MH - Andy Giegold


Marsh Mutt's Cyclone Sadie MH - John Niedemeyer

HRCH Marsh-Mutt's Locked N' Loaded - Chris Cornelius


Grassy Creek's Miss Molly MH - Blake Lemish


HRCH Wolf's Ruby MH MNH - Deb Wolf

HR Spinnaker's Chiloe MH - Doug Anderson

Grassy Creek's Storm Advisory MH - Blake Lemish

Grassy Creek's Tennessee Jackson MH - Blake Lemish


Marsh-Mutt's Pintail Pete MH - Chris Cornelius

Galations 2:20 "Hope" MH - Deb Wolf

Labs Unlimited The Devil Wears Prada MH MNH - Bill Cox


Marsh-Mutt's Uptown Abby - Wade James

Marsh-Mutt's Gangster Girl - Chris Cornelius

Pinebrook's to the Moon - Chris Cornelius

Marsh-Mutt's Locked N' Loaded - Chris Cornelius

Wolf's Ruby - Deb Wolf

Marsh-Mutt's Uptown Abby - Wade James

Marsh-Mutt's Gangster Girl - Chris Cornelius

Marsh-Mutt's Pintail Pete - Chris Cornelius

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